Brand promotion - triple theory

Brand promotion - triple theory The brand "tripleism" promotion method is based on the emotional factors of consumers and products, taking a step-by-step strategy and focusing on each other, in order to successfully build a brand and successfully promote a brand.

First, the basic concept:

Brand Width: It is the degree of influence of the brand in the market, mainly refers to the brand awareness.

Brand depth: refers to the brand's influence in the minds of consumers, including brand reputation and brand loyalty

Second, the "brand promotion triple theory" basic content:

A successful and complete brand promotion should include three levels and three stages: first, brand wide promotion stage, ie establishing brand awareness; second, brand deep promotion stage, this stage is mainly to enhance brand reputation and improve brand loyalty. Degree; the third phase is the brand maintenance phase.

In the process of brand promotion, brand breadth is the foundation and is the brand's first life; the promotion of brand depth is fundamental and the brand's second life. The depth of the brand is based on the breadth of the brand, which is mainly to engage in emotional dialogue with consumers and increase brand sales.

Third, the "brand promotion triple theory" basic operating mode:

1, brand width promotion stage:

Promotion purpose: establish brand awareness.

Promotion strategy: strong build, compulsory infusion.

Promotion methods: advertising, events, events.

This stage is mainly through some traditional promotion methods, through the promotion, dissemination of the brand, so that consumers understand and know the basic meaning of the brand: products, brand culture, etc., is the primary communication with consumers.

2, brand depth promotion stage:

Purpose: Let the brand go deep into people (consumers).

Promotion purposes: To enhance brand reputation, brand loyalty, and increase brand sales force.

Promotion strategy: deep interaction, innovative communication.

Innovation is the life of planning, especially in the brand's in-depth promotion phase, and it is necessary to reach a depth interaction with consumers so that consumers can experience, recognize, and accept brands and brand culture from the bottom of their hearts. They must take the initiative and innovate boldly to improve the brand. Sales force.

Promotion Method One: Establish a brand culture and implement customer interaction.

Specific operations: The company can build itself in the downtown area, or combine it with various bars, coffee houses and other places to fully promote brand culture, allow consumers to deeply understand and understand the brand culture, feel the atmosphere of the brand culture, and promote the use of consumer word of mouth .

Promotion method 2: Improve staff management and implement employee interaction.

Specific operations: Each employee is a live advertisement for corporate brand promotion. The company can first achieve a “source of communication” from the inside of the company through the implementation of employee stock ownership and employees’ corporate culture learning. Cultural recognition will spread brand culture in life and work.

Promotion method 3: To enrich brand culture and establish emotional factors between brands and consumers.

Specific operations: With the brand culture as its objective, to create a brand story that can impress target consumers and get consumers' approval and impression, the brand culture is vivid, vivid and full, making it widely circulated to win people’s hearts and win the market. .

3, brand maintenance phase:

Purpose: Maintain brand height.

Strategy: Width promotion + depth promotion

According to statistics, it takes at least 3-5 years to promote a well-known brand in a foreign country, and an annual investment of at least 10 million US dollars is required for the brand to achieve certain popularity. After reaching a certain height, the brand needs to maintain the brand, and the brand can retain its youthful vitality and market competitiveness.

In short, brand promotion can only improve the effect of high brand promotion and reduce the promotion cost by finding the emotional entry point and light point for “conforming” consumers and brands, conducting spiritual dialogue with consumers, and achieving resonance. From the perspectives of needs and motivations, feelings and perceptions, and consumer attitudes, quickly capture and find, locate, and analyze customer emotional factors, brand promotion is not difficult to find a good way to achieve brand sales force and solve problems. purpose.

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