Colorful Christmas underwear sweetheart temptation

Thick Christmas day atmosphere has struck us, the green Christmas tree, red Christmas hat, and white snowflake paper, in this ice-snowy winter, people's festive holiday atmosphere engulfed all the cold. Have you ever thought of giving yourself any gifts for Christmas, a caring and comfortable underwear will be the choice of the majority of women's beloved. Colorful Beauty underwear on the occasion of the launch of a variety of new underwear, sweet color, elegant charm, give you the temptation to resist the sweetheart!


Burgundy Whether women or men have an irresistible temptation, lace hooker sexy and sweet, shining heart of the heart perfect bridal embellishment.

缤纷丽人内衣 圣诞节里的甜心诱惑

Leopard is a representative of the wild, black and white Leopard compared to the other is more of an elegant, along the cup side of the flower design so that the wild bloom in the United States, so that the charm of long, domineering independence collar.

缤纷丽人内衣 圣诞节里的甜心诱惑

Cute and playful rabbit costume is the most common underwear lingerie game uniforms, while a touch of purple make underwear more innocent, to create cute and sexy rabbit obediently!


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