Beautiful unpopular song Leah week dress with

The advent of winter, for the girls a week of dress is a study worth learning. To be decent also beautiful, but also to the warm demeanor, ancient fish and bear's paw can not have both, and today, Gloria fashion women to break the routine, unique style to create stylish styling at the same time more cold and warm, so that girls are not frozen people !


Slender, lace-up sweaters, high waist design optimization ratio, slender body curves, skirt-style pendulum design to create a soft charming temperament.

美丽不冻人 歌莉娅一周穿衣搭配经

Simple wild apricot collar apron collar sweater, with lace canopy skirts, ladies fan, plush shorts even more a sense of light and stylish lining.

美丽不冻人 歌莉娅一周穿衣搭配经

Fox fur vest, eye-catching, reflecting the luxury charm, plus a sweater shirt plus waist waist shorts, youthful vigor, spewing out.

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