Good wave fashion underwear exquisite curve is completed

Designers are the most perfect craftsman, modern three-dimensional cutting, expedite the completion of the current curve, hide the body defects, do the red carpet on the natural hanger, wave wave underwear Square is committed to providing consumers with one-stop service to create Ordinary people, "my home's wardrobe."


3/4 thin breathable cup, gathers good effect, textile breast drooping; lace and printing with more lively and lovely; lateral bone effectively focus on the lateral function, to create a fullness of the chest effect; concise and elegant style with exquisite workmanship, wearing Stable, create an inviting straight breasts, exudes elegance.

好波时尚内衣  催生玲珑毕现的曲线

Side posted gauze design, thin gauze wrapped in high-end embroidery, dimly looming luxury, elegant and not feminine. Curved bend at the elevated design effectively enhance the side effects of the package to prevent fat reflux, and can be locked Fufu, to focus on the side of the income effect.

Garment Shell And Lining


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