Fashion women's brand 100 map to meet the modern woman's hopes and confidence

Women's appearance may not be able to change freely, but the charm of attractive style can be rapidly changing, delicate and beautiful fashionable women , will highlight the feminine charm to meet the modern woman's hope and confidence.

百图 - BETU

The whole line of pleat technology enriched the three-dimensional fabric, shirt-chiffon fabric stitching, revealing a romantic atmosphere.

时尚女装品牌百图  满足现代女性的希翼与自信

Europe's mainstream fashion design, simple with high-quality fabrics, exquisite tailoring to meet the new era of women's clothing needs of different occasions, fashion and nature with clever, this is BETU. With the continuous transformation of the fashion industry, BETU has been keeping up with the pace of the times, blends the elements of today's fashion, with the innovative design concept always adhere to the performance of the most oriental urban women's charm.

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