Water flower underwear to do a woman always trusted "lover"

Beautiful things are like a flash glimpse of the moment, can not grasp caught. God gave each woman a different beauty, no matter what kind of need care and favor, need to firmly grasp these beautiful, and underwater flower underwear that is always trusted lover, the charm of floating incense caught you ?


Cup unique design on the front side, pulling twice to tighten armpit fat, excellent coating effect, effectively reduce the fat and armpit fat tighten, lock fat, prevent and treatment of thoracic expansion, breast protection more chest.

水中花内衣  做女人永远值得信任的“爱人”

Silky silky feel like water flowers, exquisite hit color, three-dimensional flower embroidery, complement each other and the background color, the hook edge silk, three-dimensional image even more color, more a woman's gentle charm.

Other Sizes Of Sapphire Substrates

Led Wafer Sapphire Substrate,8Inch Sapphire Substrate,10Inch Sapphire Substrate,12Inch Sapphire Substrate

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