Boto women's winter 2012 down jacket light fabric to create a sense of future

Borneo consumer groups located in 25-40-year-old independent and confident urban women, bold and lively use of color, fashion elements will be tempered to reconcile, fit line, casual fun, free combination, reflecting the handsome style. It is this simple to play fashion, using different artistic elements, to reconcile a few copies of the rate is enough to take our eyes captive. In the bustling taste of happiness, highlight the handsome in doing elegance, to show the beauty and luxury of women's lives.

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High-grade quality, mid-range prices, the terminal of Wuzhou, caring service, won the majority of customers agree that the creation of the brand of domestic brands Silk clothing market leader.

帛珂女装2012冬款羽绒服 发光面料营造未来感

Silk has a keen sense of style and understanding of fashion, a harsh working attitude to make the women's clothing industry won the excellent reputation, in a wide range of high-level cooperation with various fashion brands, let us gradually be concerned about , We love all the topics and views on fashion women's wear, which brings us endless joy and sense of accomplishment. From the birth of silk, the concept of diversification and international fashion has been through our innovation and design, Ke's clothing products , fashion elements and create information is extremely strong.

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